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Wargames Illustrated n° 388


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L’édition de février 2020 du premier magazine de wargames avec figurines regorge de contenu. Dans ses pages, vous trouverez une méthode pour jouer à Black Seas à l’ère des pirates et un guide de peinture pour le juge Joseph Dredd lui-même.
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Observation Post

It’s a quiet time of the year for ‘new stuff’ but we’ve found a few interesting and eclectic items to make you aware of.

WI Awards 2019

It’s time to announce the winners and runners up in the 2019 Wargames Illustrated Awards.

Theme: The Seasoned Campaigner

Pete Brown has a look at campaign veterans and asks the thorny question, “Should they be any better than green troops?”

Wargaming Malplaquet

Simon MacDowall recreates Malplaquet – the bloodiest battle of the 18th century.

Theme: Goths and Romans

Simon MacDowall returns to look at the effects of campaigning on the Roman and Goth forces during their century long encounters.

Designer’s Notes: Zona Alfa

Patrick Todoroff, author of the Zona Alfa rules from Osprey Games, shares some of the ideas and mechanics of this skirmish game of exploration and danger.

Theme: “Vietnam is Like The Alamo”

Empress Miniatures wner Paul Eaglestone provides some background to this war, along with a closer look at the Marines’ on campaign look.

Why I Love … Battlegroup

Andy Singleton shares his love for these World War Two wargames rules, where combined arms is key and the games are a good representation of the various types of combat.

Theme: Campaign Effects on Armies (and Army Lists)

Jim Graham provides some ideas for the effects of campaigns on our miniature armies.

Black Hearts, Black Ships: Pirates in Black Seas

Noel Williams outlines a favourite setting of seaborne gaming using the Black Seas rules.

Theme: Campaign Dress on Parade

Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray takes a look at those units and armies who sought to bring a little more panache to the battlefield, within the bounds of the dyes and cloth available.

The Making of Marshal Ney

Kris van Dyck takes us through the process of creating our latest Giants in Miniature figure.

Painting Marshal Ney

Daemon Brush (Ben Macintyre) puts paint-to-pewter and snow-to-base on the latest Giants in Miniature figure.

How To …Improve an MDF Building

Model-maker extraordinaire Paul Davies show us “how to …” do what it says in the title!

Designer’s Notes: Soldiers of Rome

Warwick Kinrade tells us about his forthcoming new rules for the battles of early Imperial Rome.

Judge Dredd Painting Guide

Paul Baker AKA Brush Stokes provides a detailed step-by-step guide to painting the man himself: Judge Dredd.


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